viernes, 1 de abril de 2011


Bayamón, PR, it's extremly hot in here. Melting sensations make me wish for pools and oceans. Dear God, it is truly horrible I can't think. Here, have a playlist and go for a dip!

  • Beach Boys Help me Rhonda!
  • The Buzzcocks What ever happened?
  • The Bird and the Bee fucking boyfriend
  • The B-52's 6060-842
  • Almodovar y Mcnamará voy a ser mamá
  • Black Lips Fairy Stories
  • Big L No Endz No Skinz
  • Brian Eno Cindy tells me
  • The Specials A message to you rudie
  • Siniestro Total No me mates con tomate
  • CSS Beautiful Song
  • Nico Vega Gravity
  • Aerolineas Federales soy una punk

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