viernes, 29 de abril de 2011


Oh! It's Friday already and I haven't written since last week! How irresponsible of me! But I got to tell you I've been cooking or sewing….new stuff that I'm planning on photographing today. And as usual the site that I'm use for uploading the playlist is having some trouble with the widgets…for now I'll just give you the songs and when they're right back on track I'll post the widget. (Sorry guys! I hate when this happens)

  1. Madness "Tarzan's Nuts"
  2. The Velvet Underground "Run Run Run"
  3. The Adicts "Tango"
  4. Thee Oh Sees "You will see this dog before you die"
  5. King Khan & The BBQ Show "Get Down"
  6. New Young Pony Club "Jerk me"
  7. Pixies "Where is my mind?"
  8. The Plugz "La bamba"
  9. Plastilina Mosh "Pervert pop song"
  10. Talking Heads "Who is it?"
  11. Chuck Berry "Little queenie"
  12. The Pipettes "Your kisses are wasted on me"
  13. Greenskeepers "15 minutes"
  14. Vampire Weekend "White Sky"
  15. X "Your phone's off the hook, but you're not"

ps. download the playlist here.

viernes, 22 de abril de 2011

Good Friday!

Hello! It's Good Friday and right now I'm enjoying some time off at the beach!  But I haven't got about you let's have some fun and listen to some tracks! 

viernes, 15 de abril de 2011

Friday?! Hooray!

This week has being stressful for me. I have my mind set-up on the no money status and I absolutely have no inspiration because of that...but something that really makes me feel better it's music. Imagine a world without music? It sounds so boring. How lucky we are for having some nice tunes…let's relax and have some fun!
  • Hunx & his Punx Gimme Gimme back your love
  • The Smiths These things take time
  • Dávila 666 Mala
  • Best Coast When you wake up
  • Metric Dead disco
  • Arthur Brown Fire
  • Anti-Sociales Blanca Luna
  • The Strokes Two kinds of happiness
  • Black Lips Veni VIdi Vici
  • Bob Dylan I want you
  • Brazilian Girls Good Time
  • Sea Wolf You're a wolf
  • Esqueletos Intrusos en mi jardín
  • Groovie Ghoulies Bye bye brain
  • Las Chinas El hombre salvaje

martes, 12 de abril de 2011

It's me….Mario!

Hello curiousers! One of my favorite games is Super Mario Bros! I'm so obsessed with the series that I even have it on my phone, computer, wii, and the Nintendo DSi. Okay, on everything I own! I remember as a kid I played and owned all Nintendo consoles. I started with the Nes, and then had a Super Nintendo, Gameboy, N64, Gamecube and right now I have the Nintendo DSi and the red Wii, Super Mario Bros 25th year anniversary edtion. My favorite Mario game will forever be Super Mario Bros 3. I still love to play it; I love the pixelated graphics, the music, the simplicity of it and how easily you can die. To this day I still enjoy it. But why am I babbling about this? Well I found this great wallpaper that caused instant nostalgia. I'm so excited it about it that I would like to share it with you! Go check it out over here.

And if that doesn't calm your Mario addiction and after all this is a crafty blog try this Super Mario Bros magnetic board done by Laboratory 424. I know I'll be doing that one soon.

What retro games you worship?

lunes, 11 de abril de 2011


Wow! I hate that I had a completely nice entry in my mind and suddenly forgot about it the moment I started to type. Yes, it just happened. I need some memory pills. Well I think my entry was about my beautiful pink lomography camera. I posted a picture of it almost a month ago. I remember how much I used that camera and the love that I had (and still have) for it. It went with me everywhere, that baby even went to Europe! Suddenly one day the batteries drained literally and it fucked up everything. It also has the shutter and the wheel damaged. I'm planning on buying a new one! But for now enjoy some of the greatest moment with my pink camera.

Yeah that's me at Parque del Retiro in Madrid, Spain.

My minga ( I don't know how they are called in english but that's the head they use to practice haircuts and hair dyes). Yes I know, she IS creepy.

The Roman coliseum: may I say that it is fantastic? When we were in the taxi arriving to Rome we couldn't believe what we saw. It is incredible.

A bathroom in Brooklyn, NYC. I had to take the picture, so many tags!

My house's balcony. It was a really bright sunny day.

Some weird ghetto Spongebob at Brussels, it was so random & funny.

Ocean Park beach (Puerto Rico, where I am from). And yes I don't know why we were drinking Fosters, oh now I remember it was pretty cheap and big.

Amsterdam. I'm in love with the canals and the fact everyone rides a bike.

The airplane. So many instructions…If one day I have to followed them I'm fucked.

El Morro, San Juan, PR. Another sunny day!

By the way this is my lomography page! Do you have one? Share it!

jueves, 7 de abril de 2011


Another musical Friday brought to you by Curioux Disorder! Ahem! I've being going cuckoo these days, my current job is setting up on a new location and I haven't worked a lot. Yes haven't. Too bad for me! This Friday I'm doing things a little bit different. Since the page that I used for doing the playlist has a limit (yeah what a shitty page) and I've looked everywhere for other sites who could do the same as that one but none of them are successful. So I'll put the names of it as I always do and you have the option to download the zip file; where all the songs and the playlist is included. Piece of cake, right? So let the good times roll!

  1. Blondie Sunday Girl
  2. Peter, Bjorn & John I just wanna see through
  3. Julian CasaBlancas Out of the Blue
  4. Passion Pit Sleepyhead
  5. Los Nikis Yo soy tu sombra
  6. Adam & the Ants Cleopatra
  7. The Queers Love, love, love
  8. The Go-Betweens Palm Sunday
  9. The Skatalites Music storeroom
  10. Phoenix Sometimes in the Fall
  11. Vampire Weekend Diplomat's son
  12. Best Coast Crazy for you
  13. MGMT Electric feel
  14. Misfits Some kinda hate

Oh yes! Here's the link!


Hello curiosos! Today is a really beautiful sunny day with a nice breeze! I'm so relieved it's not that hot like some of the past days. I've been having a lot of free time. I sewed some tiny pouches, got to finish a fun and easy to do purse, did a paper record calendar, did flowers using fabric and took some pictures. So here's the finished product:

Fantastic melon purse. I love it.

A closer look. I did the fabric flower as a pin so you can take it off or leave it there. It also has outside pockets.

One of the tiny camo pouches I did. Sorry for the low quality pic I took it with my cellphone.

I'm in love with this record player calendar. I found it over here. Curiosity is a marketing company and they offer monthly calendars using different ideas for you to paper craft. April is my birthday month and I love record players so I couldn't pass this!

Another one of my obsessions; gnomes.

A flower fabric I made using polka dot fabric.

That's it for today! I'm going bike riding at the Linear Park near my house. Stay tuned for tomorrow Friday and I'll get you a new playlist!

martes, 5 de abril de 2011

Cute things!

If you don't know already, I'm obsessed with looking for things on the internet. I'm always checking out stuff that I'll never get to have or maybe one day I will, who knows? Here's some of my cute findings! Hope you like them too, I think most of them are from Enjoy!

Cassette tape measure, well isn't that handy?

Matryoshka ice tray, yes I'm practically obsessed with these dolls, you'll see more ahead.
Matryoshka clips.

Bunny book holder. Great and adorable idea!

The Good, The Bad & The Barbie; I just love the title of this book. Wonder what is it about?

Alice Adventure's In Wonderland Book.

What a bath curtain!

This Matryoshka's doll stand is perfect for cards, tags, ect.
I need this! A camera tape holder!

Best lunch bag!

And for the last one, this purrfect measuring cups!

viernes, 1 de abril de 2011


Bayamón, PR, it's extremly hot in here. Melting sensations make me wish for pools and oceans. Dear God, it is truly horrible I can't think. Here, have a playlist and go for a dip!

  • Beach Boys Help me Rhonda!
  • The Buzzcocks What ever happened?
  • The Bird and the Bee fucking boyfriend
  • The B-52's 6060-842
  • Almodovar y Mcnamará voy a ser mamá
  • Black Lips Fairy Stories
  • Big L No Endz No Skinz
  • Brian Eno Cindy tells me
  • The Specials A message to you rudie
  • Siniestro Total No me mates con tomate
  • CSS Beautiful Song
  • Nico Vega Gravity
  • Aerolineas Federales soy una punk