viernes, 15 de abril de 2011

Friday?! Hooray!

This week has being stressful for me. I have my mind set-up on the no money status and I absolutely have no inspiration because of that...but something that really makes me feel better it's music. Imagine a world without music? It sounds so boring. How lucky we are for having some nice tunes…let's relax and have some fun!
  • Hunx & his Punx Gimme Gimme back your love
  • The Smiths These things take time
  • Dávila 666 Mala
  • Best Coast When you wake up
  • Metric Dead disco
  • Arthur Brown Fire
  • Anti-Sociales Blanca Luna
  • The Strokes Two kinds of happiness
  • Black Lips Veni VIdi Vici
  • Bob Dylan I want you
  • Brazilian Girls Good Time
  • Sea Wolf You're a wolf
  • Esqueletos Intrusos en mi jardín
  • Groovie Ghoulies Bye bye brain
  • Las Chinas El hombre salvaje

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