viernes, 29 de abril de 2011


Oh! It's Friday already and I haven't written since last week! How irresponsible of me! But I got to tell you I've been cooking or sewing….new stuff that I'm planning on photographing today. And as usual the site that I'm use for uploading the playlist is having some trouble with the widgets…for now I'll just give you the songs and when they're right back on track I'll post the widget. (Sorry guys! I hate when this happens)

  1. Madness "Tarzan's Nuts"
  2. The Velvet Underground "Run Run Run"
  3. The Adicts "Tango"
  4. Thee Oh Sees "You will see this dog before you die"
  5. King Khan & The BBQ Show "Get Down"
  6. New Young Pony Club "Jerk me"
  7. Pixies "Where is my mind?"
  8. The Plugz "La bamba"
  9. Plastilina Mosh "Pervert pop song"
  10. Talking Heads "Who is it?"
  11. Chuck Berry "Little queenie"
  12. The Pipettes "Your kisses are wasted on me"
  13. Greenskeepers "15 minutes"
  14. Vampire Weekend "White Sky"
  15. X "Your phone's off the hook, but you're not"

ps. download the playlist here.

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