martes, 29 de marzo de 2011

More curiosities!

Hello!! How you doing? Well I'm doing good myself, hope you guys are doing great too. In the past couple of weeks I've been taking some pictures of items I've bought and some I had on stock. So let's quit babbling and start with the pictures.

I received this beautiful fabric on the mail a week ago. And I just had to make something handy out of it.

I made this fantastic zipper pouch.

I also went to Walmart although I sometimes hate it, but I find really cool stuff; like these studs.

I also went to my favorite megastore, of course Marshalls and found this car air freshener. I love the vintage vibe and the phrase "Make your damn dinner", but something went terribly wrong with the smell. It says tomato soup I don't know why I fell for it but it smells horrible.

A nice old lady at work tought me how to make this very cute flower.

And another nice lady (my grandma), gave me this fruity fabric.

If you don't already know I'm a sucker for skeletons & skulls and everything weird like that, here's another item found at Walmart. I don't like to use foam but it was made of human remains so I had to get it.

And for the last one some of my findings (buttons, measuring tape, buttons, patches,….did I say buttons?)

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  1. haha im still laughing at the air freshener that must suck! But the art is so pretty!