lunes, 7 de marzo de 2011

Instant Photography

One thing that I really love is instant photography. A little story: when I was little my grandfather had a Polaroid camera which he used to take pics of the whole family. I have some of myself when I was a very cute baby.

my polaroid camera & Lomography ring flash

my bf

A few years ago I bought a Polaroid camera on eBay and bought film on Walgreens when they used to sell it. I took a bunch of pictures every time I would hangout with my friends. All of them are kept on a box with the camera. I stopped using it because the film got pretty expensive and couldn’t find it anywhere but eBay, which made me very very sad.

Later I discovered that Fujifilm was selling an instant camera similar as the Polaroid but the pictures were credit card size. I couldn’t resist and bought it right away with a lot of film. I took pictures of everything and even brough it to a trip to New York City.

myself & Conan

The other day I found this cute little bag for my mini instax that I’m planning to buy soon with lots & lots of instant film.

Fujifilm Mini 7s Camera Bag

Holga lens
I also found this Holga lens adapter that of course will be mine too. I love this kind of cameras because I have the picture right away and let’s face it you never know how you’re going to look.

What about you? Do you love instant film as much as I do? Any good pictures you have taken?

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