martes, 1 de marzo de 2011

Mission Fail

Yesterday I went to my nearest multinational department store to buy supplies to do some stencils. As I remember from my rebellious youth all I needed was an x-acto knife, spray paint, & a decent piece of cardboard.

But this time I went a little bit artistic and bought myself acrylic paint instead of the paint cans & a sponge because the paintbrushes were quite expensive (I'm on a tight budget). I wanted to wait till next day (today) to start with my new project but I was too anxious to begin. So I made some stencils and I'm not real happy with the results, but I will keep trying.

First attempt: it was supposed to be a lipstick but I don't know, not quite sure what turned out.

Second try: an anchor, well that one was easy but needs a lot more work.

And the last one: a sewing machine. Eh, need to work on the sides…

Since tomorrow is finally my day off I'll be giving it another shot. What about you? Any project that you were eager to do and then it turned into a total mess?

Stay tune for part deux.

2 comentarios:

  1. fun thing to work on but obviously not easy, i think that spary is better for this things and there are spray fabric paints :p i think the will help you more!

  2. yeah I didnt like using the sponge at all. the spray paint gets through the fabric more evenly but the thing it's it doesn't last a lot. veremos a ver.