sábado, 8 de octubre de 2011

I'm going psycho.

I'm expecting my Smena 8m camera and I'm seriously getting desperate.  I know it has only pass like a week and it comes all the way from Russia so it will take 20 days or something like that, but I really want it now! Every time I hear the mailman's bus or the horn I run and creep through the window.  Seriously it's turning into a thriller. 

While I'm not being a total weirdo I look on the internet for tips and reviews of my new acquisition. I also checked my old pictures from my fisheye to remind me how much I love film.  



a bathroom in brooklyn, ny

ocean park, puerto rico

 roman colosseum  (do i even need to say where this is?)

where i live.

  in the cold cold floor @ bryan park, ny. (this is me back in 2009)

a park, caparra, sj, pr

yeah this is how we take a picture, with a stick.

***update: this post was schedule at the beginning of the week I'm happy to say I received it on Friday and I'm buying some film today yay**

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