viernes, 3 de junio de 2011

Thank God It's Music Friday

I woke up so early today that I barely had the chance to write a decent post or this Friday's playlist. Sorry for the laziness but I'm so damn tired that a little bit of music it's what I need. Anything interesting going on this weekend? By the way remember to participate on the giveaway I'll be announcing the winner on Monday! for more info click here.

  1. David Bowie "hang on yourself"
  2. Vivian Girls Moped Girls"
  3. New York Dolls "Who are the Mystery girls?"
  4. CSS "This Month, Day 10"
  5. Crystal Castles "Crimewave"
  6. Yeah Yeah Yeahs "Way out"
  7. Dead Boys "Ain't nothing to do"
  8. Wau y los Arghs "La Cueva"
  9. The Queers "From your Boy"
  10. Wanda Jackson "Tongue Tied"
  11. Descendents "I Don't wanna grow up"
  12. The Cramps "Don't get funny with me"
  13. Barrington Levy "here I come"
  14. Two Door Cinema "What you know"

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