jueves, 19 de mayo de 2011

Thank God It's Music Friday, again.

As every Friday I'm here to bring you a great time with some beats. As you may read on the past post if you enter ENJOY at checkout when buying from the Curioux Disorder shop you'll get a 30% OFF. Hurry up and get your handmade goodies.

  1. Go Sailor "Windy"
  2. Le Butcherettes "Bang!"
  3. Flema "Chicas judías"
  4. The Rolling Stones "Can I get a witness?"
  5. Los Vegetales "Odio el verano"
  6. Mos Def "Mr. N."
  7. The Pipettes "One Night Stand"
  8. I'm from Barcelona "Always spring"
  9. Polansky y el ardor "Ataque preventido"
  10. Deerhunter "Never stops"
  11. She & Him "I should have known better"
  12. Kate Nash "Merry happy"
  13. Richard Hell & the voidoids "Blank Generation"
  14. Rockell "Somebody's Watching me"
  15. Feist "I feel it all"
Click here for the playlist! (Since grooveshark's always having problems with the widgets)

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