viernes, 18 de febrero de 2011

Sew what's your playlist?

I love listening to music, like everyone else in the world. I mean who doesn’t? It gets you through difficult, happy, awkward and awesome times, it helps you escape from boredom and when you need to get some work done it makes it quite easier for you. Every time I’m working on a project I have to push that play button on my ipod. Occasionally I put it in shuffle and other times I create a playlist. The most important thing is that the song it’s playing maintains me in a good mood and doesn't make me screw things up.

So here’s a playlist that I compiled to help you finish that project. I’ll be doing this every Friday so make sure to check it out every week. Enjoy!

(click the first song to make it start)

  • of montreal gallery piece
  • new order age of consent
  • nobunny pretty little trouble
  • los nikis no vuelvo ir a benidorm
  • passion pit the reeling
  • patti smith redondo beach
  • passion pit little secrets
  • the beatles eight days a week
  • beach boys fun, fun, fun
  • the babies meet me in the city
  • the babies run me over
  • albert hammond jr. every one gets a star
  • polock tangerines & unicorns
  • alaska y los pegamoides otra dimensión
  • alexandra hope whatever you want
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